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Land Accelerator South Asia 2022 | Managing for Growth for Land Restoration Entrepreneurs

The art of developing a replicable model and accessing your customers to sustainably scale your business to predictable revenues and profitability.

As a growing business, it is critical for you to have a business plan in place and interlink that with your start-up's everyday financial health. In this session, we will go through the In's & Out's of running your business using data, putting the right people and processes in place, and iterating on your growth strategy as you go. The key is to iterate during this period till you reach a model that works for you!

In this discussion, entrepreneurs will explore defining their unit economics, sales, and marketing strategy, managing for working capital and cash and developing a business plan.

Karthik Chandrasekar, Founder & CEO, Sangam Ventures

Karthik started Sangam Ventures in 2016 to find a new model that can provide early-stage support for climate change pioneers. He spends a lot of his time with the portfolio & within the clean technology eco-system in India & globally. At Sangam Ventures, he has led investments in eight clean technology start-ups bringing game-changing technologies and business models to the market.

Prior to Sangam Ventures, Karthik led clean-tech investments in India for Acumen Fund. He also worked with TVS Capital Funds where he served as the Executive Assistant to the Managing Director of the fund and focused on developing investment thesis for providing basic services in water, energy, and agriculture for inclusive growth. Karthik holds an MBA from Chicago Booth, MS in Public Policy, and Management from Carnegie Mellon and a BTech from the IIT Bombay.

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