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Growth of Distributed Renewable Energy Technologies for Energy Transition and Livelihoods| Discussion 1: Solar and Mini Grid System in Tamil Nadu, Jharkhand, and Assam

Currently energy generation and management model in India is centralized, marked by the unidirectional flow of electricity from large power plants to the consumer. Drawbacks of this system are inherent transmission losses and consumers’ dependence on the central grid.

DREG system can provide reliable electricity supply to consumers in remote locations, sustainable energy solutions and they overall provide greater energy security. So far, the technologies have been demonstrated in pilots and scaling up has been limited. In this webinar. We will learn how utilities, grid operators, upstream energy companies, and technology providers can leverage DRE applications to improve renewable adoption, and create new market opportunities for Tamil Nadu, Jharkhand, and Assam.


This panel of stakeholders from industry and thinktanks will discuss suitable solar technologies, latest developments, challenges, and opportunities for the states of Tamil Nadu, Jharkhand, and Assam in India.

  • What are the DREG technologies available and their suitability for deployment in these three states?
  • What are the challenges pertaining to its scaling and wide adoption? How could we ensure community participation?
  • What are the research initiatives and developments that could be leveraged for accelerating DREG?
  • How do we ensure DREG and Centralised Grid can complement each other?

This webinar is part of our series on DREG Technologies and policy challenges organized under the Innovative and New Clean Energy Technology Forum (INCET-F). The objective of the forum is to enhance knowledge, gain insights, and accelerate clean energy transition with panel discussions from industry leaders and government stakeholders on the latest trends and developments in renewable technology, challenges, opportunities, and case studies.


  • Martin Scherfler, Co-founder, Auroville Consulting
  • Veronica Garcia, Founder, Bitlumens
  • Mrinal Chaudhury, Additional Director, Assam Energy Development Agency
  • Saugata Datta, Country Director, Husk Power Systems
  • Vijay Nirmal Gavarraju, Associate Director, Climate Finance Climate Policy Initiative
  • Ravindra Dolare, President, Ecozen Solution
  • Vaisakh Suresh Kumar, Project Associate, Energy Program, WRI India
  • Dheeraj Kumar Gupta, Project Associate, Energy Program, WRI India
  • Naren Pasupalati, Senior Research Analyst, Energy Program, WRI India
  • Lanvin Concessao, Project Associate, Energy Program, WRI India (Moderator)

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