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Energy Transition Preparedness Initiative 'Insights on Transport Sector'

As India moves towards an energy transition, actions taken in the transport sector – the fastest growing in terms of energy consumption – are key. As road transport is a state subject under India’s constitution, state decisions to realize an energy transition are critical. The Energy Transition Preparedness Initiative (ETPI) serves as a structured framework aimed at examining state-level progress towards an energy transition across India's electricity, buildings, and transport sectors. This initiative encompasses an assessment of ten states, collectively responsible for over 50% of India's transport sector emissions.

WRI India, along with Prayas (Energy Group) and Sustainable Futures Collaborative organizing a webinar to disseminate key insights derived from the state-level assessment in the transport sector, focusing on state-level actions, notable policies, financial and infrastructural support, social inclusivity measures, governance aspects, and more. These efforts are all geared toward fostering energy transition preparedness.

During the webinar, participants will delve into the findings from the study, particularly focusing on developments within the transport sector across the ten Indian states under evaluation. Topics of discussion will include the states' initiatives in developing non-motorized transport infrastructure, enhancing accessibility to public transport facilities, driving electrification efforts, addressing road safety concerns, and implementing integrated planning and regulations within the transport sector. Following the presentations, there will be an interactive question-and-answer session, allowing participants to engage further with the subject matter.

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