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CleanTech Confluence: Powering the Clean Energy Technologies in Tamil Nadu

Clean energy is seen as a practical solution for mitigating global warming and for sustainably meeting India’s growing energy demand. However, transitioning to a clean powered future comes with its own set of challenges. Sector specific innovations, new technologies and digital solutions can mitigate many of these issues. Technological interventions, both disruptive and incremental, can pave the way for renewable systems with higher efficiencies and lower costs. Additionally, they can address issues relating to grid stability and reliability. Hence, it is essential that efforts at developing new technologies are encouraged and showcased to potential users in India as well as across the world. It is key that these efforts have access to capital and a conducive eco-system for providing the right guidance and support.

The clean energy space in India is experiencing a wave of startups dedicated to developing innovative interventions and technologies. Unlike conventional startups, these ventures operating in the renewable energy domain face the challenge of securing substantial initial capital and navigating the entire lifecycle of conceptualization, product development, testing, and commercialization, which entails significant time and resources. Furthermore, it is essential to create a platform that brings together stakeholders to understand the barriers and challenges faced by clean technology startups. By fostering a collaborative environment and facilitating knowledge exchange, we can collectively address these challenges and create opportunities for startups to gain visibility, access resources, and strengthen their market presence.

WRII is organizing a one-day state-level event along with StartupTN to host a multi-stakeholder session aimed at providing a platform for startups, venture capitalists, startup accelerators, incubators, and government organizations specifically dedicated to nurturing, promoting, and investing in renewable and clean energy companies. This workshop intends to facilitate discussions on clean technologies for Tamil Nadu, enabling innovative companies to develop their products and gain faster entry into the market. By doing so, this event aims to have a positive impact on the sector and contribute to the overall energy transition.

This workshop is under Sustainable Energy Transformation – Tamil Nadu (SET-TN), which is a collaborative initiative by Auroville Consulting (AVC), Citizen Consumer and Civic Action Group (CAG), and the World Resources Institute India (WRII). SET aims to facilitate higher clean energy deployment in Tamil Nadu by working with stakeholders to find sustainable and equitable solutions.

Read our recently launched working paper Exploring Technologies for the Clean Energy Transition of Tamil Nadu


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