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Bus Karo Workshop - Augmenting public transport in cities of Uttar Pradesh

Urban areas in India continue to grow at lightning speed of about 3% every year and it is estimated that these areas will contribute to 75% of the country’s GDP by 2030. Even with the current size of the urban population, Indian cities are facing severe congestion, deteriorating air quality, increasing emissions of Green House Gas (GHG) from the transport sector, and increasing incidence of road crashes.

The last five years in the bus industry indicated phenomenal growth in numbers, implementation of new advancements in technology, service financing methods and management techniques. Evidently, there is a paradigm shift towards public transport, with strengthened policies and investment, and formal systems of high quality and capacities. The next decade, however, requires focus on precise and system-wide improvements. The call of the hour is to maintain bus transport mode shares and introduce operational, infrastructural, technological, marketing and financing innovations to double this share. It is universally recognized that for cities to be liveable, public transport must be an integral part of development.

WRI India works to improve city bus service in Indian cities. The team works to build capacity, provide technical support and share best practices in the field of public transport in India, where the implementation of pilot projects brings about significant outcomes.

WRI India will assist the Government of Uttar Pradesh (GoUP) to help introduce and improve the quality of public transport in the state. In this regard, WRI India, in partnership with GoUP, will organise a workshop to share best-practice and peer-to-peer learning network in initiating and augmenting city bus service in Uttar Pradesh.

At the Bus Karo workshop in Lucknow this December, WRI India's team will help bring in national and global experts to discuss existing scenario in Uttar Pradesh with the experts from within the state. This will help co-create a framework for designing, implementing and augmenting city bus service in selected cities of Uttar Pradesh.

Register for this event at the venue. You can access the agenda here. Please click here to download the press release.

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