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Ask Me Anything: Fireside Chat with Land Accelerator Alumni

Join us to listen to our five Land Accelerator South Asia alumni sharing their incredible entrepreneurial journey. Tips, strategies and connections have been most instrumental in their companies’ growth and greater impact. Know their stories and learn how an acceleration program like the Land Accelerator can help your Land Restoration business thrive and achieve greater impact.

This webinar includes a Fireside chat with these entrepreneurs on simple ways to access a global platform of restoration activities by applying to the Land Accelerator South Asia 2022.

The ultimate goal of this discussion is to facilitate new applicants from South Asia for Land Accelerator South Asia program 2022 with quick insights about the program, application process and support provided to entrepreneurs through this business acceleration platform.

Major Ved Prakash Sharma, Co-founder and CEO, Gratitude Farms Pvt Ltd., Puducherry

Major Sharma is a technology professional with over 35 years of global experience including 16 years in Indian Army and 16 years in the telecom/ networking Industry. In 2017, he ventured into organic farming focussing on its scientific principles and providing solution to the rising food security issues through his unique organic farms and food forest model aimed at making the farmers and rural community earn dignified livelihood and promote regenerative and climate resilient farming.

Namrata Diwaker, Founder, Rayush Natural Fibers Pvt Ltd., Raipur, Chhattisgarh

Rayush is developing eco-friendly curtains from vetiver grass and generating sustainable livelihoods for women SHGs in Chhattisgarh. Namrata is trying to imprint Bastar tribal art on these vetiver curtains to generate livelihood for the tribal population. They have also applied for domestic and international patent. Vetiver grass is believed to have several soil restoring properties and lab tests are currently underway to understand the environmental impact better. The machinery used for making the vetiver fabric is also unique, for which the company will fille another patent.

Dr. Sidharth Arora, Founder, Fermentech Labs Pvt Ltd., Roorkee, Uttarakhand

Fermentech Labs works on strengthening the circular bioeconomy by decomposing agro-industrial wastes/residues and transforming them into value added products with zero wastes and producing high-quality industrial enzymes like Cellulase, Pectinase, Xylanase and Amylase. These enzymes have a wide range of industrial applications.

Haripyari Naorem, SP Foods, Kakching, Manipur

SP Foods is manufacturer and wholesaler of Soibum, fermented bamboo shoot from Manipur. They work on developing the value chain for processed bamboo shoots by employing the tribes who live in and around the forest to pluck fresh bamboo shoots without cutting the trees. Following a traditional method of fermenting bamboo shoots which doesn't require addition of any fermenting agents/chemicals, their solution significantly reduces water and soil pollution. With the vision of empowering women making them self- reliant and independent SP Foods aim to position indigenous foods from Manipur in local as well as global market.

Raghu Burli N, GR Agri-tek Labs Pvt Ltd, Bangaluru, Karnataka

GR Agri-tek provides intelligent pest management solutions for farmers and input companies for farmlands. It presents offers two solutions - first, a drone spraying service to detect pest infestations in the farmland through nano sensors that spray only required amount of pesticide at the required spot; and second, a smart pheromone organogel-based pest trap integrated with AI and ML allowing for real time monitoring and alerts to farmers.

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