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Accelerating Clean Energy in India 2024

Accelerating Clean Energy (ACE) in India is WRI India’s flagship annual Event where fresh insights into ongoing and emerging research streams on global energy transitions, and their implications on India, would be presented and discussed. This year, at ACE, we will be holding wide ranging discussions on systems transformation, deliberating on aspects of inclusive and equitable energy transition in India.

This year’s ACE will focus on key themes like the current state of technological solutions for economy-wide decarbonization and the opportunities and challenges in the transition, especially regarding implementation. The sessions will delve into the progress of new and emerging technologies for transformative change in the country. They will examine the role of finance, carbon markets, institutional arrangements, and regulations in India’s energy transition efforts. Additionally, they will explore policies and strategies to address both embodied and operational carbon in buildings. Since energy systems are closely linked with human systems, it’s crucial to recognize that India’s renewable energy transition should benefit all segments of society. This requires an all-encompassing approach to the energy transition, considering India’s food, land, and water issues. The energy transition should support food, nutritional, and water security while creating new jobs and work opportunities, particularly for the bottom fifty percent of the population.

Espousing a research-oriented approach to the issues, this year’s ACE will witness stakeholders, from top decision-making bodies in the Government of India, representatives from the State Governments, members of scientific community, academia, think tanks, and industries, provide us with important insights on their respective work in the domain, while also reflecting on the means and avenues for driving system-wide energy transition.

With the Government of India announcing a host of policy measures and targets – including the 500 GW of renewable energy capacity target by 2030, there is a significant opportunity to link the goal of economy-wide decarbonization with other concerns including those around healthcare, livelihood, education, and general welfare. ACE 2024, in its fifth edition, aims to address these ongoing issues through meaningful talks and discussions. This will help the country manage these changes, ensuring everyone benefits from a sustainable economy.

Event starts at 10:30 AM on 22 July 2024 and starts at 09:30 AM on 23 July 2024

For more details, download the agenda here.


  1. Implementing Demand Aggregation for Rooftop Solar Systems in Micro, Small, and Medium-Sized Enterprise Clusters
  2. Renewable Energy Procurement Perceptions Among Commercial and Industrial Consumers: Current Practices and Future Possibilities
  3. Here Comes the Sun: Residential Consumers Experiences with Rooftop Solar PV in Five Indian Cities
  4. Energy Transition Preparedness Initiative: Buildings Sector Report
  5. Energy Transition Preparedness Initiative: Electricity Sector Report
  6. Spoonful of Solar to Help the Medicine Go Down
  7. Integrating Electricity Priorities into Healthcare and Education in India: A Review of National and Sub National Policies
  8. Winds of Change: Learnings for the Indian Offshore Wind Sector
  9. Analyzing the Policy Landscape for Supporting the Clean Energy Transition in Small and Medium Enterprises in India

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